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We truly have the best tasting protein bars and spreads in the business. Use the hashtag #WeTasteBetter and follow our instagram @thebiabar to keep up with us on a daily basis!

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Simply put, wow. These bars are incredible. I’ve tried what seems to be every protein bar under the sun and they all pale in comparison to the Bia Bar...these bars taste EXACTLY like peanut butter fudge, [which] makes them great for people on strict diets that are looking to get a sweet tooth fix. Respectable ingredients and fair price. I can’t say enough about Bia Bars.

amazon review 10/2015

This is the healthy peanut butter fudge bar I wish my Grandma had made. Great peanut butter taste with a hint of honey. I had planned to carry these on my bicycle and camping, but I’ll have to buy more now because it is a good healthy snack - and spring is a two months away. Creamy texture, a hint of honey and no funny after taste like some other bars I have tried.

amazon review 01/2016

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